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This situation can occur at any time and any place. You see someone hurl expletives or defamatory words at and threaten to physically harm another person. As a bystander, you want to help. What can you do?  “Call 911 and be a good witness,” said BK Blankchtein, owner of Masada Tactical LLC, which has been providing self-defense and Israeli tactical training for members of the public and law enforcement for 10 years.

“Provide as many details about the situation as you can. When describing the person, provide those details in relation to yourself, such as ‘The person is taller than me.’ Providing police with specific details about height and size, such as ‘He is 6 foot 2 inches tall and large,’ limits the police to that description of the suspect.”

BK’s sound advice is based on his more than 20 years of professional experience in the military and law enforcement, beginning with his service in the Israeli Defense Forces in 1993.
The self-defense classes he and his staff lead are tailored to people of various ages and experience levels from children to folks in their seventies.

“I tell my instructors to work within your capabilities,” BK said, as he described how these classes are structured to meet the particular needs of the individual students. During our interview,  a group of preteen girls were kicking punching bags and deliberately falling to learn how to regain their balance quickly and fight back as a part of their self-defense class
in the gym.

The Masada Tactical clientele also includes people working in the health care field and law enforcement. “Health care has the highest level of violence according to OSHA,” BK said, adding that patients and their family members and friends can react in dangerous and unpredictable ways that nurses, doctors and security guards must respond to in a safe and constructive manner.

For law enforcement, Masada Tactical provides defensive techniques and instruction on shooting to groups, including the Maryland State Police and Maryland Department of Natural Resources police.
Empowering people through realistic self-defense is at the core of Masada Tactical’s mission. Among the most vulnerable are victims of domestic violence. BK and his instructors work with CHANA, which helps people suffering from this abuse, neglect and trauma, to educate these individuals on ways to protect themselves and those they love.

By instructing them on how to be self-aware and find and use unlikely weapons, Masada Tactical is building their self-esteem. In this and other ways, BK and his team are helping to build a strong and safe community for everyone.

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by Therese Umerlik | Editor


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