Pasta Plus Brings History and Flavor to Laurel

Don’t let the name fool you: Pasta Plus restaurant offers more than just noodles and sauce.
In addition to a long and rich history that began in Italy, Pasta Plus brings tradition and high-quality
Italian fare to Laurel.

Pasta Plus may have opened its doors in February 1983, but the story behind the restaurant started
15 years earlier.

Brothers Max and Sabatino Mazziotti moved to the United States from Italy in 1968 with their mother
to join their father who had made Maryland their home the previous year. Once there, the brothers excelled
at their jobs in the hospitality industry, working at local restaurants and hotels. But they dreamed of owning
their own eatery one day.

This became possible when they saw a small pizzeria in Laurel for sale. Their mission was to open a
family-owned restaurant that churned out inexpensive meals using high-quality, wholesome ingredients.
The restaurant started out with a limited menu that didn’t offer much more than its homemade pasta,
rolled out fresh each morning.

As the years passed, the neighborhood joint expanded its menu and its location. In 1999, the family
purchased the space next to their restaurant and opened the Pasta Plus Carry-Out Market, which
offers everything from wine to fresh pastas to Italian sweets.

With a brick oven and friendly and knowledgeable staff, Pasta Plus has earned the reputation as one
of the best places to get your Italian  fix in the Laurel area. The restaurant was even featured on
The Food Network in 2001.

“We have been coming to Pasta Plus almost as long as they have been open. The Food Network channel
has named them the ‘Best Italian Restaurant’ in Maryland several times. But if you were to come here
you would also be immensely impressed with everything from the food  to the atmosphere to the
staff and owners,” Renee Fish

Medri posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page on Aug. 1. Pasta Plus restaurant is located at
209 Gorman Ave. For more information, call 301-498-5100 or visit

by Heather Vecchioni  – Contributing Writer

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