The BYOB Movement Spreading Throughout Area Restaurants

Many patrons are lifting their glasses in a cost-saving trend. The BYOB movement, which can refer to “bring your own bottle,” “bring your own beer,” or “bring your own beverage,” used to be limited to dining establishments without permits to sell liquor. Nowadays, many restaurants promote BYOB so their customers can feel more comfortable and customize their experiences even further.

BYOB traces its origins to strict liquor laws and high taxation that can make acquiring liquor licenses too expensive and even prohibitive for some establishments. In the mid-1990’s BYOB operations were few and far between. Now according to a report from the Independent Hotel BYOB restaurants are far more common. Since the “Corkage” policy was passed in 2012, BYOB restaurants have been popping up all over the Pikesville, Owings Mills and the surrounding areas. This article notes several local restaurants which currently offer the
BYOB policy.

The BYOB policy states that customers are free to bring their own wine into any establishment that allows it and has a permit. Restaurants must have a permit to practice “BYOB” and many of the same laws that apply to sites with a liquor license also apply to a BYOB permit. Many restaurants adopt this policy in the interim getting their liquor license and now in some cases to supplement their current wine list (Note: If a restaurant currently serves wine it is prohibited by Baltimore County law to bring a wine that is already on their list.)

BYOB stipulations also vary from restaurant to restaurant. While toting in a favorite bottle or cocktail may be free at various establishments, Food & Wine notes that some restaurants have corkage policies. This breaks down to a charge per
check or even per bottle to allow patrons to enjoy their own wines. Corkage can run anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred, depending on the restaurant and its existing wine list. Since the markup of wine and other spirited beverages can be as high as 400 percent, BYOB is cost-effective, even when corkage fees are considered. Plus, in an ever-changing economy, the BYOB movement offers restaurateurs yet another way to entice budget-conscious

Bring your own beverages remains a popular trend in dining out, helping diners save money and helping restaurant owners drum up business.

Local “BYOB” Restaurants

Silk Road Bistro
1004 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, 21208
For the love of food
1002 Reisterstown Rd., Pikesville, 21208
hummus corner
9201 Lakeside Blvd., Owings Mills, 21117
10902 Boulevard Circle., Owings Mills, 21117
Watami asian bistro
11316 Reisterstown Rd., Owings Mills, 21117

For a more complete list go to Please note that although these restaurants are listed patrons should call ahead to make sure the policy is still in effect , that the wine they plan to
bring is suitable and if there are any “corkage” fees.

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