Go Local This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving – a time to celebrate the Harvest Festival of 1621 and feast with family and friends. Howard County is the place to be with over 300 farms
striving to serve the community. This holiday season, go “local” and become part of the “farm-to-table”initiative. Indulge in delicious food and drink,
all harvested within a few miles from home.

“Buying local means that the food could be harvested in the morning and consumed tonight, “according to the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA). There are several advantages to going local in that the food is: Fresher, Environmentally-friendly and Economically and energy efficient.

“The more we eat local and keep local, the more we use our local dollars to improve the economy and our carbon footprint and help to make healthier residents,” said Kathy Johnson, Agricultural Development Manager for HCEDA. “It is so important to support the local agricultural community,” said Johnson.

There are several ways to do so:

Partake in a meal at a local Farm-to-Table Restaurant. http://www.hceda.org/farms-agriculture/buy-locally-grown/farm-to-table.aspx.

Enjoy a toast and reserve a tour at Howard County’s first Farm Brewer – Manor Hill Brewing: https://manorhillbrewing.com or sit down and order local brews at Manor Hill Tavern. www.manorhilltavern.com.

Purchase fresh farm-raised meat and other products from Carroll Farm-To-Table, a 350 year-old, family-owned business in Ellicott City, and create
“Carroll Farm Chicken, Famous Carroll Chops and Tasty Bacon” recipes at home. www.carrollfarmtotable.com.

Purchase produce from Hungry Harvest, a Columbia-based organization featured on ABC’s TV show “Shark Tank,” who sells “imperfect, but
perfectly edible fruits and vegetables to the community: www.hungryharvest.net. For every bag sold, Harvest Hungry donates food to those in need.”

Be sure to try some of their on-line recipes, such as “Sweet Potato Dip, Brussel Sprout Sliders and Butternut Squash Risotto.”

Purchase your own meal kit containing local and regionally grown ingredients from The Roving Radish. www.rovingradish.com.

This establishment provides delivery to anyone who works, plays or lives in Howard County. Each kit includes two dinners for a family of four for $32.
But hurry, this program only runs until Nov. 23, 2017 and will restart in May.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks for supporting local farms and businesses this holiday season.

by Ann McElroy  | Contributing Writer

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