Manufacturing Is Still King at Nightmare Graphics

The basement may not have had running water or a phone line, but this room in Ellicott City was the birthplace of a determined manufacturing company, one of the few remaining in Howard County today. Founder Sam Andelman had been an art teacher in Montgomery County before he decided to channel his creativity energy into custom screen printing in 1982. “He wanted to do  something different,  and he knew about photography and making T-shirts,” said his son Rob Andelman, president of Nightmare Graphics.

Even though he did the design work at home, Sam set up his business in the Meeting House across from Oella Mill near the Patapsco River. Sam resolved to make his business a success, but it needed a new name. In 1992 he wanted to incorporate it, but another business had the same name, Graphic Concepts. So, Sam and one of artists spent six hours one day bouncing around ideas,  until his artist blurted out: “Nightmare Graphics.”  “And that’s where the name came from,” Rob said.

Beginning in the fifth grade, Rob expressed interest in getting involved in his father’s business. “Making T-shirts was cool,” he said. Nightmare Graphics was making its mark in Columbia well
before it moved to the planned community from Ellicott City and Savage. Among its major clients was the Columbia Association.

The business continued to grow but remained true to providing custom apparel. Nightmare Graphics began operating an in-house sewing factory, the only one in Howard County making apparel,
eight years ago. By doing so, the company ensures the quality of its products from the design to the dying of the fabrics to the sewing of the garments.

To provide unique and creative designs for its clients, who include Howard County youth baseball teams and the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, Nightmare Graphic has an in-house team of graphic designers. “All artwork is created in-house,” Rob said, because of his father’s commitment to creativity and artistry. “No clip art is used.”

Under Rob’s leadership, Nightmare Graphics plans to further expand its services to national and international businesses without compromising the quality of its products to local customers. A new website  is expected in the coming year for this promotional campaign. Nightmre Graphics Inc. is located at 9005 Red Branch Road.

For more information on its products and services, visit

by Therese Umerlik | Editor

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