Farms Offer Local Goods and Events into the Fall Season

Eating local is a trend that has been picking up speed across the nation. Luckily for Maryland, going from farm to table is a snap. Southern Maryland has a large community of farms and growers that produce fruit, vegetables and meats and dairy products, just a car ride away. Late August is the time to [...]

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Oyster and Drink Pairings at your Favorite Bar

As summer comes to an end and we bid farewell to crabs, another morsel of the sea is about to come into season—the oyster. Most of us are familiar with the classic oyster pairing. The oyster shooter in which a fresh oyster is shucked into a shot glass with hot sauce and vodka. If you’d [...]

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Aw Shucks: Oyster Season’s Just Around the Corner

by Heather Vecchioni | Contributing Writer Have you heard the one about how the spelling of a month’s name can determine whether you should eat oysters at that time? Before refrigeration, oyster experts said mollusks should only be eaten in months that contain the letter “R.”Basically, this boils down to noshing on the shellfish from [...]

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Markets Bring Farms’ Bounty to People’s Tables

The allure of farmers markets is simple: They make people feel good physically, economically and socially. Locally grown foods are fresher and more nutritious as well as more affordable than those sold in grocery stores, according to the Farmers Market Coalition. Consumers fuel the regional agricultural economy and help preserve farmlands. And selling local foods [...]

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