Calvert County Proves That Kindness Rocks

If you’re familiar with Calvert County, you likely already know that it “rocks,” but recently, this part of Southern Maryland has been exceptional for a new reason: painted rocks. Small rocks and stones with pictures and messages inscribed on them have been popping up on sidewalks, benches, and just about every slightly hidden location across [...]

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Old General Store Finds New Life

Ogden’s General Store was built in 1890 on Parker’s Creek Road in Port Republic on what used to be the main drag in Calvert County. It served the community as general store for nearly 80 years then had many incarnations - post office, antique shop, thrift store, rooming house. Eventually it fell into disrepair. Nearly [...]

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Farms Offer Local Goods and Events into the Fall Season

Eating local is a trend that has been picking up speed across the nation. Luckily for Maryland, going from farm to table is a snap. Southern Maryland has a large community of farms and growers that produce fruit, vegetables and meats and dairy products, just a car ride away. Late August is the time to [...]

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Tips for Ensuring Our Youth Have Safe School Year

by Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans The Calvert County Sheriff’s Department is encouraging everyone to be vigilant about hazardous situations that could harm our school-aged youth. Portable speed cameras will be located in designated school zones throughout the county. Violators traveling 12 miles over the posted speed limit will activate the speed camera, resulting in [...]

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Oyster and Drink Pairings at your Favorite Bar

As summer comes to an end and we bid farewell to crabs, another morsel of the sea is about to come into season—the oyster. Most of us are familiar with the classic oyster pairing. The oyster shooter in which a fresh oyster is shucked into a shot glass with hot sauce and vodka. If you’d [...]

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Calvert’s All about That Shell Life during Oyster Season

The oyster. If you live in Maryland, there’s a good chance you’ve tasted the popular bivalve. And whether you love it or hate it, most can agree that it has a taste and texture like no other. This distinct flavor has Marylanders clamoring for their favorite mollusk when the season hits. Typically, oyster season in [...]

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