Pasta Plus Brings History and Flavor to Laurel

Don’t let the name fool you: Pasta Plus restaurant offers more than just noodles and sauce. In addition to a long and rich history that began in Italy, Pasta Plus brings tradition and high-quality Italian fare to Laurel. Pasta Plus may have opened its doors in February 1983, but the story behind the restaurant started [...]

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Delectable Treats Are Heating up in Cooler Seasons

This year, Sweets and Treats is staying open throughout the cooler seasons. Besides ice cream and milkshakes, it will be serving hot signature coffees and delectable desserts, including fresh brownies, cakes and other hand dipped delights. Anne Segal, Owner, always knew she wanted to own her own business and sell a product which was affordable [...]

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Mediterranean Meets Main Street at Olive on Main

As a boy, Nadol Hishmeh played among the olive containers stored in a room within the warehouse his father owned. Fuad Hishmeh was a wholesale distributor with a retail establishment in the same building as the warehouse where assorted foods were stockpiled. Eventually, Fuad converted the front retail space into the Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant [...]

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Push Your Boundaries at Jailbreak Brewing Company

Removing restrictions. Celebrating creativity. Rejoicing in freedom.These simple observations merely annotate the intense drive and passion behind the founders of Jailbreak Brewing Company in Laurel. Justin Bonner, a chief executive officer for an IT security firm in Maryland for more than a decade, met Kasey Turner through his business more than three years ago. A [...]

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Weight Loss through Healthy Living at Fitness Evolution

Achieving wellness is a personal journey of realizing a healthy and fulfilling life. But what is wellness? Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute, which promotes this sense of well-being, defines this holistic process of reaching and sustaining a person’s full potential through six dimensions: emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical. Ann [...]

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Chi’bal Brings International Flavors to Laurel

Chi’bal is the infusion of many passions that animate and inspire its drinks and meals. For Alberto Fonseco, it’s the tequila. “This modern restaurant has the only tequila bar between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.,” the general manager said. But that alone is not what makes it a destination. Alberto hand selects the exclusive Añejo Patron [...]

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