Get Prepared for Summer Camp Season

Parents should keep in mind that camps begin registration early in the year and have specific cut-off dates for enrollment. Parents who want to beat the crowds this year can use this guide to help plan a summer camp agenda. Attend an orientation Take the time to visit prospective camps for a tour, and use [...]

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Celebrating the holidays as a blended family

Emotions run deep come the holiday season. Holiday planning can be hectic, especially for blended families. Today’s families are increasingly blended, meaning they’re a combination of families due to divorce or death. Even though the holidays are meant to be joyous, navigating traditions and accommodating the unique needs of all involved — including cultural traditions, [...]

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New Sources Help Students Succeed

Britannica Offers Reliable, Vetted Content - Students and their families now have a safe, reliable and comprehensive source of information and media for learning, research  and discovery through Britannica Kids, an online resource. Among the benefits of this new website are: • Age-appropriate reading levels, • Homework resource, • Accessible across all mobile devices and [...]

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Popular Costume Ideas for Halloween

by Christa Emmer | Contributing Writer As soon as the store shelves are cleared of back-to-school items, Halloween candy, costumes and décor take their place. If you’re a big Halloween fan, you probably starting planning your costume in July. If not, this quick guide can help you select a costume before they’re gone. NETFLIX SHOW [...]

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Bring Fun and Games to Your Next Road Trip

by Therese Umerlik | Editor Long or short, road trips thrust people together for time spent either filled with laughter or bickering or absorbedin cellphones and DVD players. But what about playing  games? A simple yet engaging back and forth among family and friends? The first game that came to mind for me as I [...]

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