Trends in restaurants you may see when dining out

As crowds waiting in line for their favorite restaurants begin to grow anew, restaurants have begun to implement new menus and dining styles. This is mostly in an attempt to attract a broader clientele. Many trends are catering to the younger, technology-driven customer. Photo-ready foods: Many restaurateurs understand that their latest culinary creation is likely [...]

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Get Prepared for Summer Camp Season

Parents should keep in mind that camps begin registration early in the year and have specific cut-off dates for enrollment. Parents who want to beat the crowds this year can use this guide to help plan a summer camp agenda. Attend an orientation Take the time to visit prospective camps for a tour, and use [...]

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Safety Measures for Winter Drivers

Winter weather causes many people to retreat indoors until the spring thaw. However, for those who embrace the cooler temperatures or find that life must go on despite snow and ice, taking inventory of their vehicles is a must before the first snowflakes start to fall. Tire care is an especially important area of vehicle [...]

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Entertaining Outdoors in Cold Weather

Outdoor entertaining has never been more popular. As more and more homeowners turn their homes into their own personal oases, extending the party outdoors has become a bigger priority. According to the American Home Furnishings Alliance's 2015 Outdoor Furniture Trend Report, out-of-doors areas on a property are the favored venues for celebrations with family and [...]

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Make cooking at home a larger part of daily routines

Dining out can be a special treat after a busy week, a way to celebrate special occasions or a means to socializing with friends. However,  individuals who want to exercise control over their diets may find eating at home is easier. According to a Rasmussen Report, many Americans dine out at least once per week. [...]

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The benefits to joining a local gym

Resolving to get healthy is a worthy goal. A healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and routine exercise can improve quality of life and decrease a person’s risk for various ailments. This includes diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In an effort to exercise more, many men and women choose to join local gyms. This decision [...]

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