Make cooking at home a larger part of daily routines

Dining out can be a special treat after a busy week, a way to celebrate special occasions or a means to socializing with friends. However,  individuals who want to exercise control over their diets may find eating at home is easier. According to a Rasmussen Report, many Americans dine out at least once per week. [...]

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The benefits to joining a local gym

Resolving to get healthy is a worthy goal. A healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and routine exercise can improve quality of life and decrease a person’s risk for various ailments. This includes diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In an effort to exercise more, many men and women choose to join local gyms. This decision [...]

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Gifts that pamper and rejuvenate

Facials, aromatherapy, candles, and comfortable bed linens are gifts that can pamper and relax. Stress can be bad for the body, contributing to depression, anxiety, hypertension, and even obesity. Unfortunately, more than half of working adults and 47 percent of all Americans say they are concerned with the amount of stress in their lives. According [...]

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Heads Up: Concussions Are Likely in Soccer

by Heather Vecchioni  | Contributing Writer Football, soccer, cheerleading and gymnastics are some of the most popular sports among youth. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most dangerous. Each year in the United States, about 2 million children and teenagers experience concussions from participating in sports—and many aren’t seen for treatment. For males, football [...]

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Salt Is Essential to your Health

by Linda Penkala LMT | Contributing Writer The historical significance of salt is matched only by its health benefits. Salt emerged as a form of currency before we realized its place in regard to health. Roman soldiers received payment in salt, and the word “salary” is from the Latin “salis” for salt, according to Dr. [...]

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How the Caffeine in Your Coffee Helps Your Skin

by Christa Emmer | Contributing Writer Coffee black, nonfat latte or a simple espresso contains that little buzz of caffeine that gets us out of bed and on with our day. But did you know caffeine can also work some magic on your skin? Tired eyes, red blotchy skin and trouble spots on your hips [...]

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