6 reasons to dine out this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in various ways throughout the world. One of the more popular methods of spending time with a romantic partner is to dine at a nice restaurant. Statistics Brain says that 34.6 percent of Valentine’s Day celebrants in the United States dine outside of the home, making this day dedicated to couples [...]

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Host a sports viewing party to remember

Viewing parties are a great way to watch the big game with fellow fans. Such gatherings don’t have to require all that much effort on the part of hosts. Hundreds of millions of people across the globe enjoy sports, and many are fond of gathering with fellow fans to watch their favorite teams play. Make [...]

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Stay safe from thieves while shopping this holiday season

Thieves and other criminals can often prey on unsuspecting victims during the holiday season. For example, the Better Business Bureau notes that thieves can easily commit identity theft at malls. This is because shoppers are busy with shopping bags and looking after their children in crowded stores and less likely to conceal their credit cards [...]

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Celebrating the holidays as a blended family

Emotions run deep come the holiday season. Holiday planning can be hectic, especially for blended families. Today’s families are increasingly blended, meaning they’re a combination of families due to divorce or death. Even though the holidays are meant to be joyous, navigating traditions and accommodating the unique needs of all involved — including cultural traditions, [...]

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Catering takes the work out of holiday entertaining

Stress can take its toll during the holidays. But stress does not have to turn this festive time of year into something less enjoyable. By removing some of the work involved in holiday planning and hosting, individuals can free up time and enjoy a more relaxing holiday season. For example, holiday hosts may spend several [...]

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Be Prepared for Unexpected Company this Holiday

The latter part of the year is full of social engagements with family and friends. Pew Research Center says 92 percent of all Americans plan to celebrate Christmas as a holiday, with 69 percent using it as an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. While many social occasions surrounding Christmas are anticipated for [...]

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