Set your sing-a-long party apart

Christmas carols became part of holiday celebrations roughly 200 years ago. Initially gaining popularity in England before becoming holiday traditions in the Americas, carols are part and parcel of modern holiday celebrations. One popular holiday party theme is a sing-a-long. Although door-to-door caroling has long been a holiday staple, celebrants can enjoy staying in and [...]

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Tips for First-time Holiday Dinner Hosts

First-time hosts may be a little nervous and put pressure on themselves to make the holiday meal just right. There are a few tricks trade novices can employ to calm their nerves so they can enjoy the party. Go with what you know. When planning the menu for your holiday dinner, choose a main course [...]

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Experience Gifts Are Out-of-the-Box Exciting

The holidays are a season for decorating, entertaining and, of course, figuring out what to get all of the special people on gift lists. Instead of navigating crowded stores to find a gift that may just take up space in their loved ones’ closets, more and more people are giving the gift of an experience. [...]

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New Sources Help Students Succeed

Britannica Offers Reliable, Vetted Content - Students and their families now have a safe, reliable and comprehensive source of information and media for learning, research  and discovery through Britannica Kids, an online resource. Among the benefits of this new website are: • Age-appropriate reading levels, • Homework resource, • Accessible across all mobile devices and [...]

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Celebrate Labor Day with a White Party

by Christa Emmer | Contributing Writer Labor Day is a summer holiday when we celebrate the American worker and say an official goodbye to summer.According to late 1800s etiquette, we also must no longer wear white shoes, pants, dresses and handbags until Memorial Day. So why not give your whites one last spin with a [...]

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