Popular Costume Ideas for Halloween

by Christa Emmer | Contributing Writer

As soon as the store shelves are cleared of back-to-school items, Halloween candy, costumes and décor take their place.

If you’re a big Halloween fan, you probably starting planning your costume in July. If not, this quick guide can help you select a costume before they’re gone.

The popular Netflix series Stranger Things returns for a second season on Oct. 27 and is expected to be one of the top costumes this Halloween. National retailer Spirit Halloween has every character from Eleven to Barb in adult and children’s sizes.

From mermaid-tail blankets to unicorn makeup, pop culture has been overwhelmed this year with these fictional creatures. For a unicorn, make or buy a horn headband and create unicorn hair with hair chalk or temporary hair color. Wear white by adding a tutu or tulle tail. Mermaid yourself with a vibrant pastel wig, mermaid-tail skirt and a seashell crown. Walking in a long skirt can be difficult for kids, so opt for a pair of mermaid leggings instead.

Fans of the movie Hocus Pocus will rejoice when they see what Spirit Halloween has cooked up this year. It is home to a Hocus Pocus collection that includes
costumes, wigs, accessories and home décor based on the 1993 Disney classic. Gift your Hocus Pocus fan with a Sanderson sister wine glass or Binx knee
high socks.

The year-round popularity of the inflatable T-Rex has translated into inflatable costume mania for 2017. Choose from among a variety of inflatable characters for children and adults, including a sumo wrestler, bull rider and man in a bathtub.

Expect to see a range of emoji costumes on the racks. Or make your own emoji costume by decorating a yellow T-shirt and pairing it with a yellow tutu or black leggings.

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