Tips for Ensuring Our Youth Have Safe School Year

by Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Department is encouraging everyone to be vigilant about hazardous situations that could harm our school-aged youth.
Portable speed cameras will be located in designated school zones throughout the county. Violators traveling 12 miles over the posted speed limit will activate the speed camera, resulting in a citation. They may pay the $40 fine or request a court date to contest the citation, which does not result in points on the violator’s driver’s license. The speed cameras will operate from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Students travel to school in many ways. Some children may walk as far as half a mile on roads without shoulders or streetlights. Many teens may be new drivers making their way to their respective high schools. Drivers should be alert as they drive in school zones and residential areas in the mornings and afternoons.

Following are some safety tips when approaching a school bus:
• Motorists should slowdown and prepare to stoptheir vehicles when yellow lights are flashing. When red lights are flashing and stop arms extended,
motorists must stop for children entering or leaving the bus. Motorists may proceed when the red lights stop flashing.

• Drivers traveling in the same direction as a school bus on a four-lane road must stop for a stopped school bus. Drivers traveling in the opposite direc tion on a four-lane road are not required to stop.

Being attentive to those on and off the road can ensure the safety of our youth.

Social media can be used to exert peer pressure and to bully. Parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s social media and maintain an open dialogue with them. Establishing an open line of communication with teachers and coaches is equally important.

In addition, each high school is staffed throughout the entire school year with a school resource officer. These officers serve as mentors and coun-
selors to the students and support staff to faculty.

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