Trends in restaurants you may see when dining out

As crowds waiting in line for their favorite restaurants begin to grow anew, restaurants have begun to implement new menus and dining styles. This is mostly in an attempt to attract a broader clientele. Many trends are catering to the younger, technology-driven customer.

Photo-ready foods:

Many restaurateurs understand that their latest culinary creation is likely to find it way onto social media. Therefore, great emphasis is being placed on plating – or making foods look better when first presented.

Digital kiosks:

Several restaurants have implemented tablet-based service at their tables. In addition to playing games or getting apprised on the latest specials, guests can order some menu items through table- mounted tablets. And if you’re in a rush for the check, swipe your credit card and pay the bill without waiting for your waiter to bring it over.

Healthier kids’ choices:

For years, the standard fare for kids has been burgers, fries and various recipes for mac-and-cheese. But a survey of professional chefs sponsored by the National Restaurant Association revealed that many restaurants are now offering a greater variety of foods on the kids’ menus. Soups, salads, leaner meats and more vegetables are some of the items kids can choose from.

Increase in craft foods in restaurants:

Greater emphasis is being placed on creating meals that look and taste good and are produced in eco- and community-friendly ways. Craft foods are made in small batches from locally sourced ingredients. This helps to create a symbiotic relationship between eateries, farmers, food manufacturers and diners.


Many restaurants are employing neurgastronomy. This is the science of manipulating perception of how foods taste by external factors. Everything from the colors
of dishes to the sounds of music being piped in can affect your perception of taste.

Prepaid reservations:

Today you can purchase just about anything in advance, from movie tickets to vacations. Soon, you will be able to prepay for meals in restaurants as well.

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