Weight Loss through Healthy Living at Fitness Evolution

Achieving wellness is a personal journey of realizing a healthy and fulfilling life. But what is wellness? Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness
Institute, which promotes this sense of well-being, defines this holistic process of reaching and sustaining a person’s full potential through six dimensions: emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical.

Ann Frush assists people who embark on this odyssey through education, support and healthy eating habits, all of which mirror those six pillars.

Since October, Ann has been working as a wellness facilitator through a wellness program called the 20/30 Fast Track offered at Fitness Evolution in Laurel. The total weight loss participants have experienced thus far is more than 1,100 pounds.

This program “is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle,” said Ann, who is also assistant manager at the fitness center at 3541 Laurel Fort Meade Road where the local program is based.

Participants begin with a 30-day weight loss program, during which Ann provides them with a grocery list of recommended foods and coaches them with daily texts and five weekly meetings without the physical demands of exercise. Through text messages, Ann and each participant work together individually to gauge the impact of certain foods on weight gain and steer away from bad food choices and to good ones. The Tuesday meetings involve discussions  on the health benefits of weight loss and allow participants to observe people’s progress at various stages of the program.

And Ann has seen the benefits first hand. In one case, a participant was overweight and had acid reflux when she began the program.

“Within one week, she stopped having acid reflux and started losing weight,” she said. She lost so much weight during the program that “she had to go a size down in her engagement ring and buy a new dress.”

This lifestyle change and its anticipated 20-pound weight loss—some participants have lost up to 27 pounds in the first 30 days—have also helped reduce participants’ blood pressure and discontinue their need for Type 2 diabetes medication, she said.

In addition, the dietary adjustments help balance hormones that contribute to emotional and physical stress. Certain foods stress the body, creating the steroid hormone cortisol; eliminating these foods helps address this hormonal imbalance and the weight gain it causes.

Through the program, participants “learn about themselves, taking time for themselves,” Ann said.Once the detox is complete, participants are encouraged to begin exercising with the help of a trainer and pursue a one-year and a two-year plan that helps them continue to modify and improve their diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness can be contagious, Ann said, when people see and experience the beneficial effects of healthy living, inside and out.

If you are struggling with weight loss and want a proven system, contact Ann at 240-917-7383 or ann2030wellness@gmail.com. More information can be found at ultimateweightlosswellness.com and on Ann’s Facebook page.

by Therese Umerlik | Editor

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